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Sugar. Not for me.

i've been on a journey for the past few years. The journey started shortly after moving into my 140-year-old house. Turns out that had little to do with it. In fact, the house has been very positive for me and my family. No, It started when i woke up one night, positive that i was having a heart attack.

So, i found a doctor. They ran tests, like EKGs. They took blood. They said i was fine. I wasn't fine. Waking up regularly positive that you are dying is not fine.

Today, i am healthy, down 15 pounds, happy and so is my family.

So what was it then? Well, the title should give it away but the real answer is more complicated than that. I quit drinking. I quit other things. Better, but i still had heart palpitations and panic attacks and general anxiety.

I began exercising and that was ewwwwge! I now walk a few miles most days. Yet, still i had random, lower intensity palpitations and general anxiety and occasional panic attacks.

Generally i knew i needed a healthier lifestyle but i couldn't handle the anxiety as it creates a habit. You expect to wake up in a panic. So back at the doctor i got an SSRI that i plan to take for about 2 years while i am developing the habits of the lifestyle i want.

Life is pretty darn good. i am enjoying ice cream and peanut M&Ms. I am still getting minor palpitations before bed.

I decide to quit sugar. Entirely! The first day i'm expecting the same routine. Nothing. i feel wonderful. Day 2, nothing. Day 3, nothing. Wow! i'm a real boy!

I read a recent study that the SSRI may work because it helps to balance blood sugar. Oh my, i say. That fits well. i don't take them because i'm depressed. i have a great life, am blessed, and feel that way about myself. So what does it do? i think that for me, it balances the blood sugar that i screwed up with alcohol.

If you want to feel better physically and mentally, and if you have the strength, you might just find... the A-Team. No wait, you might just quit eating sugar.

Posted: August 17 2018