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Summer is Falling in Michigan

Here at the Hanging Branch Ranch we built our garage this spring and it was done very early summer. It is awesome! Doing Jeep work in it is of course way easier than driveway butchering. I have kept the doors off my JK all summer and haven't gotten wet. I get plenty of looks like "how must get so wet in that thing". Nope. Thank you garage.

So Summer is leaving us, slowly. That's ok, i love the change of seasons here in Michigan. We went for a short few hours up to The Mounds. Once again we had pedals. He needs a booster seat to see. I put the JK in 4 low, he picks a gear. He then turns the key on and it starts up and goes wherever he steers it. When he wants to stop, he turns the key off.

We climbed the 45 degree slab a few times. We hit the rock courses. We went up the backside of stage 2 in the JK and the front side in the ZJ. River is getting very comfortable in his ZJ and almost needs no coaching at all. He can pick his lines and correct well. We had fun with no Jeep mechanical issues at all.

The Mounds is a great place to test repairs or upgrades. It's not a great place to have a Jeep experience, but it's in our back yard and it's what we got.

We're looking forward to the Gully Run park opening next June near Mt. Holly. We went to the pilot events and enjoyed it. It's going to be a great place to wheel. It's much more tailored for Jeeps, rather than the mud hole and dirt bike setup that the Mounds offers.

We'll continue to keep the old school Jeep Life alive here in MI. No mall crawling in this household.

Posted: September 05 2018