My name is Nate. This is my website. Who knows what it will become.

daily short posts

There's a theme to my daily posts... gratitude.

Sons and daughters who know you are just a man and still love you.
Fri Sep 24 2021
Mother nature's self healing process. Warm blankets on a cold night. Peace of mind.
Thu Sep 23 2021
Fall weather after a warm summer. Community, by fuel up fresh. Health research on the internet.
Tue Sep 21 2021
Water of Life. Sleep. Bearded Dragons.
Mon Sep 20 2021
The Lord's lovely fall. Cooler weather and warm puppies.
Fri Sep 17 2021
ruby. rails. I am falling quickly back into it.
Thu Sep 02 2021
puppies. self assessment and objectivity. clothes dryers.
Sat Apr 11 2020


i have been a full stack developer for years, a professional developer for over 20.

i believe in limited on-site office time so that we aren't commuting every day. The commute eats us alive, destroys the planet and hinders creativity. Working from home allows a life balance and extra time to devote to passion.

My passion is delivering amazing technology through collaborative software development.

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Last year I purchased a 2005 LJ for $2,000. We took it out to the Mounds and beat it up then brought it back and parked it. Like any jeep of that era it was happy to be beaten.

Now, I am tearing it down so that it can be built back up as a V8 powered, super fun to drive, tire shredding outlaw.

The only real thing I know is that I want a GM 5.3 VM with an automatic transmission. Don't hate, I have always had a manual, have one now, and will continue to love rowing gears. But, I already have that manual trail jeep.

With this one, I want that paddle shift as I'm ripping up Test Hill out at the dunes. This should be a great adventure that you can tune in to over at YouTube.

Posted: September 20 2021

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