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Starting my LJ Build

Last year I purchased a 2005 LJ for $2,000. We took it out to the Mounds and beat it up then brought it back and parked it. Like any jeep of that era it was happy to be beaten.

Now, I am tearing it down so that it can be built back up as a V8 powered, super fun to drive, tire shredding outlaw.

The only real thing I know is that I want a GM 5.3 VM with an automatic transmission. Don't hate, I have always had a manual, have one now, and will continue to love rowing gears. But, I already have that manual trail jeep.

With this one, I want that paddle shift as I'm ripping up Test Hill out at the dunes. This should be a great adventure that you can tune in to over at YouTube.

Posted: September 20 2021