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Health in most Software Development shops

I've been working in software development "shops" for 25 years. They were always "liberal" and trended towards more extremism. Why? I can only see around the foggy edges of that kind of dependent mind set, but this type of job generally involves not moving your body in any macro way, pays well, and feeds into ego when done correctly.

I am a subscriber to moving your body and I know that it is key to health and happiness. Walking 30 minutes a day and the only real damage to my physical body is mental. I'm still figuring that part out myself. The point is that the doctors tell me my body is "perfect", literally the words they use. How do I experience panic attacks if my body is sound?

I however know my body is not perfect. It has historically been much better and it is only this way because of sitting down during and having drinks after work. From my experience, most software developers are sedentary and generally sick. They require naps, and doctors and miss work regularly due to "not feeling well".

It's not just the trade that makes one sick, it's a mindset that is drawn to this type of work place environment and one that tends to vote democratic. If you subscribe to any political party you probably have a similar mind set that is more extreme and... unhealthy. I say probably, because it's just conjecture, but experience matters a lot.

You stop moving your body, it takes that as a sign to shut down.

Posted: October 04 2021