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A most serious break up

Forgive me, I've never been through this before, but I have to break up with news, media, politics, etc. And it's not just me, others feel the same way.

The stress is not worth it. There are so many like me telling the same story of how this is physically manifesting in our bodies in negative way and tapping into that energy is not worth it.

There is a line that will always remain there. If that line is crossed then I am prepared to react. Until then, You don't deserve my attention.

So, welcome back music. I sincerely hope that UM and I will work something out. Welcome back Yoga. Welcome back community.

My core group of people are choosing to focus on what America really is; the home of free and the home of the brave.

God bless you all, may he keep and love you.

Posted: October 10 2021