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my bio

i was asked to make my own bio for our company's web site. So, i figured it was worth noting in time. Here it is my 2019 "work bio".

Nathan Taubitz

Nathan Taubitz is a Senior Software Developer at PlotWatt where he is responsible for the design of, full stack development on and maintenance of PlotWatt's digital properties.

Nate has been developing software professionally for over 20 years with extensive experience in venture backed startups. Prior engagements include consulting, technical/team lead and architectural roles with local colleges, small businesses, ABB, ChannelAdvisor, iContact/Vocus, and ReverbNation.

Nate has worked remotely for the past 9 years balancing work and family life with his wife and partner Molly and their 5 children.

Posted: January 09 2019