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Water of Life

Last year I was taking magnesium in a dry powdered form. It worked well. "Working Well" is defined as helping me balance electrolytes and improving mood and heart performance.

Well, COVID came along and with that lock downs. I didn't realize it until recently that I had given up on a number of things and one of those was supplements. And, ya, my mood changed. I noticed signs in breathing capacity and efficacy. I noticed my heart efficiency decreasing.

So back to Nutrition Works, my favorite local shop for all things supplemental. The wonderful women who helped me pushed me over the edge on liquid forms of minerals. The idea here is that they are able to make the supplement much smaller and suspended in water so that it is readily absorbed by the body. In the past I was like, that just can't make a difference... can it?

I was totally wrong and thank God. This product is called "Water of Life" and it... is... amazing! Highly recommend for those who get de-mineralized from an active lifestyle.

METAMIN Water of Life is not just magnesium. It has over 50 trace minerals that instantly made a big difference.

Posted: January 15 2020