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Where does it rank?

As I look at my main source of U.S. and world news it sure appears to me that family is bad. We praise anyone who has triumphed over the oppression of the family unit.

That's not how I feel and I further believe that the family unit is of the greatest importance. I also believe that the family unit is strongest when God is involved. It can't be the most important thing because it won't thrive without God. Most specifically if the father is godless, catastrophe will eventually ensue.

So men, order your priorities as follows:

  1. God.
  2. Family.
  3. Country.
  4. Self.
  5. Everything Else.

My family went through some very difficult times over 10 years ago because God was below Family and Self. Don't follow me down that path, instead suck it up and make sure you have a solid relationship with God first! Everything else falls in to place after that.

Posted: September 17 2021