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Windrock September 2021

We took 3 Jeeps on 2 trucks to Windrock TN the end of September 2021. My son used his LBZ for the first long haul, pulling his 94 ZJ on a heavy steel trailer. Jess' and my Jeeps were on a goose-neck.

We had perfect warm weather, lots of grilled meat and a ton of trail experience that covered a variety of challenges. No plan survives first contact and so our idea of easing into it sort of failed on the first day when we decided to take trail 16.

That first day was perfect 80% of the time. Our sunny dry conditions turned into the wet backside of the mountain and we moved untold number of straps and pulled a lot of winch cable. We lost mirrors, fenders, dented lots of body panels, broke lights and generally beat the living piss out of our rigs... all of them.

The second day was another wonderful weather day and we stuck to blue trails. We covered lots of trail and saw waterfalls and mountain views. Very peaceful day.

Day three we took 2 rigs and did trail 15. What a great trail. Because it was dry, the JK was able to do even most of the difficult lines on this short trail. The ZJ, with its leaking locker couldn't quit manage lines it normally makes look easy.

If you have the means, definitely check out Windrock in Oliver Springs, TN.

Happy Wheeling America!

Posted: October 01 2021