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Can We Fix Hiring?

I have interviewed hundreds of people. I have been interviewed at least 50 times. This experience taught me something major... interviewing doesn't work.

Let's look at how it works now, with a strict filter on how much it costs and then see if we could do better with those same costs.

So, better at what? What is/are the goal(s) of hiring and being hired?

I love developing software. I wouldn't interview nor get a job unless I had to provide for my family. Period. I would wake up and still write software but it would be for some purpose of my own and not as a means to support myself and my family.

The organization likewise wouldn't hire me unless they could make money off of me.

My goal is to provide for my family and not hate my job. All the other goals can be accomplished without a job.

The organization needs to make more money from my efforts than it costs to employ me. They also can't have me become a "bad seed"; I can't be responsible for impacting culture negatively. The organization needs to compensate me enough that I am happy, but as little as possible.

The rest, may seem like goals, but they're really not important. Should the company have a goal of training me? No, or only in so much as it makes more money. Should they have a goal to make me more healthy? Maybe?

Let's face it, there is a clear goal by both parties that far outweighs any other goal; make money. Even if the organization wants to change the world "for the better" it has to make money or it won't exist.

At my level, I talk with someone for about a half hour, maybe up to an hour ($100 to $150). We like each other and now I do a technical assessment for 3 hours ($200 to $250). We follow this up with 2 to 4 hours of technical interviews (3 people, $460). Then we have an hour or two for behavioral interviews ($200).

So maybe $1000 to $1200 to perform an interview. How many candidates do you interview for one position? 5? so $5k to $7k.

Is there some other way to find a candidate and see if they fit? Stick around and we'll find out in our next post.

Posted: October 06 2021